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We simplify fulfillment.

We're excited to announce we are launching our cloud-based warehouse management system very soon! This means you will have real-time access to inventory, billing, tracking and order management information 24/7!
We help business owners
focus on what matters most;
Growing your business.

Our fulfillment centre has a team with 25+ years of experience in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry. With the ever-changing market trends throughout the years, we continue to improve processes and discover innovative ideas to increase your bottom line.

We work closely with our clients to ensure your business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships are consistent and strengthened through our services. 

With drastically changing expectations in recent years, 2-5 business days is what is currently an acceptable turnaround time. Since starting in 2016, we have aimed to exceed this standard by shortening our turnaround time (from order placement to delivery), from 0-2 days. 
It's simple: Remove the stress and responsibility of fulfilling your customers' orders and deadlines. Spend more time and energy building and strengthening relationships with your customers, to increase sales and revenue for your business.​​

Bonus: You will be able to get that basement/ spare bedroom/ storage locker/ office that hasn't been accessed in years emptied out!​​ 
Reduce your business costs. Decrease turnaround time.
Increase customer satisfaction.
Increase your global presence.

Did you know there are at least 45 countries where English is spoken by at least 50% of their population? 1

Do not let a line on a map prevent you from reaching an international customer base!

In 2017 alone, our clients' expanded beyond Canada and USA and reached consumers and businesses in the countries coloured in green.

  1. Pick & Pack
    Each order picked is verified and packaged to ensure its safe travels to your customer.
  2. Order Fulfillment
    Your orders are processed daily and status / tracking are available online for you to see.
  3. Inventory Control
    Managed inventory levels help to reduce storage costs and keep track for product replenishments.
  4. Shopping Cart Integration*
    Your website can be linked to our WMS software to automate the process of getting orders and tracking information
  5. Shipping & Receiving
    Receiving product direct from your suppliers, inspected and put-away in your storage area. LTL and small parcel carriers are available.
  6. Mailing Services
    Bulk postage to USA and Canadian clients. Huge savings for direct marketing campaigns
  7. Staff & Operations Guide
    We have dedicated staff handling your account's needs, while also following your company specific Operations Guide.
  8. Online Tool*
    365 access to our software. Upload orders, view transaction status, get inventory levels, print reports
    We can create custom packages for a special event, gift or trade show your customer demands, such as shrink wrapping, labels, and kitting.
    Short/Long Term storage is available. Daily/Weekly/Monthly and prorated rates. Pay only for what you use to meet your needs.
    Need help getting your products in or out of Canada? We are experienced liaisons and work with government regulated brokers.
    Streamline your operation and enjoy the savings of no storage with cross dock services. Get your products to market faster.
*These services are temporarily unavailable due to system upgrades.
(last updated 22 Jan 2018.
Your 3 Simple Steps​​

1: Review Orders

Review orders placed by your customers for special  requests.

2: Confirm Inventory

Confirm ordered items are in stock.

3: Send Request

Send your orders to us, and we'll ensure your customer will receive their order on-time and on-budget.

No two businesses are equal.

Our clients have customized pricing based on a variety of factors relative to their business needs.
No order is too small. Storage is not required. One-time service requests are very welcome!
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We also won't spam you or respond with numerous emails unrelated to your inquiry- It's not our style.