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Export Declaration

Customs Invoice

CBSA B13A- Export Declaration

CI1- Canada Customs Invoice

To ensure your products and shipments will clear customs in a timely manner, paperwork with these details must be included with your order.  The B13 is required for Restricted Goods- regardless of value, and for Non-Restricted Goods valued over $2000 CAD.
Please ensure all orders and shipments being imported into Canada have a completed Canada Customs Invoice. This is required for shipments valued at $2500 CAD or lower.

Packing Slip

Commercial Invoice

KDSCA Generic Packing Slip

KDSCA Generic Commercial Invoice

It is always advantageous to provide a packing slip to your customers, either in soft-copy via email, or hard-copy enclosed with their package. Please download the .PDF for your own review.
These details are always included with every exported shipment. Without these details, even for shipments that are not exported for sale, will be held at customs, can be denied export, and risk fines for incorrect information.