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Your 3 Simple Steps​​

1: Review Orders

Review orders placed by your customers for special  requests.

2: Confirm Inventory

Confirm ordered items are in stock.

3: Send Request

Send your orders to us, and we'll ensure your customer will receive their order on-time and on your budget.

Order Fulfillment




All customer requests including, "Please leave with my aunt's dance instructor who lives 3 streets South of my address if delivering between 2:20pm and 2:45pm" are noted by our Order Desk team.
Once reviewed by the Order Desk, our fulfillment team picks and packs the order as per your specifications. We then have another team member verify the order, to eliminate the human error aspect.
If your order needs to be exported from Canada, our team will prepare all customs documentation on your behalf. If we are missing information, we'll be in touch for a quick chat to confirm missing details.




High value shipments require clearance from a brokerage agency. If you don't have a preferred broker, we'll help you find one, and handle all the border and export questions on your behalf.
We offer our customers discounted shipping rates of at least 40% with various courier companies. We 'shop' for the lowest rates available, and compare service options at these rates.
Once the most affordable rate has been determined, we coordinate the shipping and prepare an y additional shipping documents as required by the carrier or receiver. Once picked up, we notify you of the tracking and cost.

Additional Services




Shrinkwrap has 2 purposes. First, it gives your product a more professional feel when wrapped as a package. Second, this is one of the best methods to minimize inventory shrinkage for bundled items.
If you require a label to be affixed to a particular area of your product, an online access key to be inserted into a package, or for an errata sheet to be glued into a book, we are well experienced with these requests.
A great method to create 'more' skus from your current inventory, is by grouping products together to create a package or 'kit.' Another type of kit example is when the single SKU requires several components, such as a first aid or tool kit.




Assembly is often required for store displayers, tradeshow bags, giveaways, 
and newly manufactured products needing to be pieced together in order to create a single SKU.
Direct mail campaigns, subscriptions or programs often often lead to 1000s of pieces of mail or packages needing to be assembled and shipped within a minimal time frame. We have a team with 20+ years of experience handling these high volume-short deadline requests.
We print letter and legal sized pages from blank paper, company letterhead, and for printing into fields on a pre-printed item (such as applications). Barcoded labels are  available in various sizes, however only available in black and white.


We often help companies to help resolve  large errors, or by assisting with high volume seasons when a company does not have the manpower to fulfil the volume by their deadline. We have corrected errors such as mislabeled ISBNs, misprints by inserting errata sheets, and taking kits apart and reassembling.